Hidden in the shadows

Frédéric Eymeri, a painter who looks to paint those things hidden in the shadows.


He says: “Raising up something useful to the order of the spiritual is a noble task, a high calling, it is a celebration of that which is considered as having no worth. It is saying to tin: ‘you hold within you a degree of being which makes you the same material as gold!’ To paint a spoon, is to make it come alive in a way, to give to it another presence, to make us aware that it is something valuable, to rescue it from trivialization. To paint those objects hidden in the shadows, I believe, is also reaching out to the men and women who use them. Wanting to say to each person: ‘You are part of the beauty and life shining within all things.’”

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The beauty of friendship

A blessed birthday to a wonderful and beautiful friend, Ellen.  Everyone should have a friend like her, someone who brings beauty wherever she is, who creates beauty and opens your eyes to beauty.  Someone who is also deeply beautiful inside.  Her oil of Mary at the foot of the cross (below) is stunning and the fruit of great suffering in her own life.  You can see more of her work here.

sept23-2008 FULL VIEW

all rights reserved Ellen Erenberg

Happy birthday, Ellen.  I thank God for the way you bring wonder and beauty into my life.


Inside and out

Literally beautiful inside and out.  “Dutch physicist Arie van’t Riet has created an extraordinary collection of artwork using coloured X-rays of flora and fauna.”   See the rest of his photos here.


Quiet, dark churches


“Let there always be quiet, dark churches in which men can take refuge. Places where they can kneel in silence.”                           ~Thomas Merton