Don’t get entrenched

“There are people who entrench themselves in a mental place that cuts them off from the capacity for astonishment, a truly pitiable condition for any man. Once we have radically opted against the possibility of ever being astonished, we kill the child within us and, along with it, all promise of further growth and transformation in the direction of lasting joy.”  (Brother Simeon)

Why beauty is vanishing.

“Beauty is vanishing from our world because we live as if it did not matter—and we live that way because we have lost the habit of sacrifice.” (Roger Scruton)

Hosting and guesting

This practice would revolutionize the world:

“The ecumenical communities of L’Arche in Australia used to have gatherings that they called ‘host and guest’.  First, a Protestant would describe to the community and its friends how her own church had made it possible for her to know and love Jesus more fully.  Then a Catholic responded to what he had found striking in this story, before sharing his faith experience in his own church.  The Protestant would, in turn, respond to what had touched her in this: devotion to Mary, for instance, or to the Eucharist.  That was it–no discussion or debate, simply each person speaking of what had seemed wonderful in the other.  This is what living in community is about too–seeing the positive in others and accepting them as they are, with all their human difficulties.  To love your brothers or sisters means recognizing them as people; it means revealing to them their own beauty.”  (Jean Vanier)