Look up at the sky

“Now look up to the sky. . .. The triune God has not merely put a star here and a star there; he has lavished the skies with millions and billions of them. As Psalm 19 goes on to say, there in the sky he has placed the sun, which gives warmth, light and life to the world. There too are the clouds which drop down rain to make things grow. The heavens declare the loving generosity of God. And that is why he created.

“So next time you look up at the sun, moon and stars and wonder, remember: they are there because God loves, because the Father’s love for the Son burst out that it might be enjoyed by many. And they remain there only because God does not stop loving. He is an attentive Father who numbers every hair on our heads, for whom the fall of every sparrow matters; and out of love he upholds all things through his Son, and breathes out natural life on all through his Spirit.” (Michael ReevesDelighting in the Trinity)

What do you think?

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