Something just as important

SnowflakesWilsonBentley (1)
Snowflake photos by Wilson “Snowflake” Bentley

“The average dairy farmer gets up at dawn because he has to go to work in the cow yard.  I get up at dawn, too.  But it is because I want to find some leaf, hung with dew; or a spider web which the dew has made into the most delicate ropes of pearls . . . I take my camera with me, get down on my knees in the wet grass, and photograph these exquisite bits of nature.  Because I do this I can show these lovely things to people who never would have seen them without my help.  They will get their daily quart of milk, all right. Other farmers will attend to that.  But I think I am giving them something which is just as important.”  (W.A. Bentley)

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