Stop what you’re doing

“What moves a man or woman to lift a pen and write a letter?  Poets know the music of that secret.  Novelists understand the story.  We all possess universal insights which, on the surface, appear to be just ordinary moments.  Those involved in the arts attempt to make ordinary things extraordinary, and they try to make extraordinary things ordinary.

“‘Every moment is a window on all time,’ Thomas Wolfe wrote in his novel Look Homeward, Angel.  When that moment is brought to our attention, we stop what we are doing and sing or dance or dream or write a poem or compose a symphony or write a letter.

“I have come to realize that what is most personal, central to our private lives, is so universal in us all.”

(Christopher de Vinck, The Power of the Powerless)

May you have a “stop what you’re doing” moment today sometime . . .

What do you think?

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