Beautiful laughter

photo by Cory Genovese
photo by Cory Genovese

“At the end of last year’s Hike for Tikes I stopped up to snap a few “finish line” pics of my friends. After lunch I was chatting with one of the directors when I noticed this boy staring off across the room. After a minute or so, and without any visible provocation, he burst into laughter. With an inquisitive smile I turned to the director, she smiled back and said, he just received his cochlear implants about 2 months ago…and then I knew, or at least I wanted to believe I knew what made him laugh. I want to believe he heard something for the first time that we take for granted too often. Simple things, another laughing, a bird chirping…anything…everything.  Bay Cliff Health Camp!”  (Cory Genovese, PhotoYoop)

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