“The first quilter of prairies”

“When we create something appealing, even in an act as pragmatic as the way we arrange our living rooms and choose the color of the wallpaper, or add a new typeface to our printer fonts, we show our integral relationship with the Creator.  God, the first quilter of prairies, the prime painter (sunsets, thunderheads, forget-me-nots), the archetypal metal sculptor (mountain ranges, crystalline structures), the composer who heard birdsongs and the whales’ strange, sonorous clickings and croonings in his head long before there were birds or whales to sing them, the poet whose Word was ‘full of grace and truth’ (John 1.14 NRSV)–translated his own divine image in our human flesh so that we too are participants in creative intelligence and originality.”  (Lucy Shaw)

What do you think?

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