True Christian love (1)

I’m sure we would all agree that true Christian love is the most beautiful and wonderful thing to be seen.  I would like to post a few excerpts (in the next few posts) from The Midnight Bride by Richard Wurmbrand which illustrate this so well.

Some of you may find this unbelievable.  I would, except that I had a taste of this love in a much smaller way a number of years ago.  I was teaching sixth grade at the time, and one of my students had a detention again (!).  I felt inspired to do his detention for him, not having any idea of how that would impact him, but hoping he would somehow be touched by my willingness to love him in this way.  I still don’t know what effect it had, but that is in God’s hands.

In his book Dust on the Road, Nikiforov-Volgin, a Russian priest, shared the following story told to him by a Christian he met in prison:

One day I arrived home and heard somebody cry out.  I found my wife, stabbed in the heart by somebody we knew.  The murderer fell at my feet, begging my forgiveness.  I said to him, “Go, and do not do so anymore.”  I went to the police and accepted responsibility for the crime.  I was sentenced.  Then in Krasnoyarsk prison, one prison murdered another.  For that, too, I accepted the blame.  Now I am sentenced to life imprisonment.  I could not do other than I did.

Loving God, I look on all men as I look upon angels.  My only prayer is, “I am Yours and You are mine–have mercy on me.”  If you had not been a priest, I would not have told you these things.  You asked me why I am here, and you are entitled to the truth.

When this prisoner died, it was as though heaven had opened.  His last words were, “Lord, I would like to continue to suffer for others; but Thy will be done.”  Though surrounded by prison squalor, those who are present at such a death sometimes detect a heavenly fragrance.  It is the odor of the high places where the bride of Christ lives.


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