Beauty of the spiritual order

Thought provoking:

Undoubtedly Christ was like many people whose beauty, at once very secret and very striking, dazzled some and escaped others; this is especially true when beauty is of the spiritual order.  The august light on this face could be perceived only by an interior disposition.  When we are in love, we are often surprised by the indifference others show to the face which, for us, sums up all the splendor of the world.  Many do not even think of looking at those characteristics of Christ which reflected heaven, the mere sight of which makes us wild with delight and anguish.  The least moment spent with the loved one is of inestimable value to us; yet it often makes little difference to his companions or his parents to live under the same roof with him or to share in the same work and breathe the air which he breathes.

Like all creatures, Christ is transformed by the person who is attracted to him.  To this very natural phenomenon grace adds its unpredictable action.  We cannot appear to another person as we would like him to see us, but the God-Man is not only the master of hearts but also the master of grace that is at work in hearts.  He cured many more men born blind than the Gospel recounts.  Each time a creature called him his Lord and his God and confessed he was the Christ, the Messiah come into this world, he did so because Christ has opened the interior eye whose vision is not limited simply to appearances.

(François Mauriac)

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