Golden Fire

Makoto Fujimura
Makoto Fujimura

” . . . a monumental piece entitled Golden Fire has a sort of epic inevitability about it.  Gold is the quintessential element requiring the refiner’s fire.  It is a heavy substance that somehow lifts into what the writer Milan Kundera has called ‘the unbearable lightness of being.’  This element, found deep within the earth and created through the turbulent processes of change, becomes something that symbolizes the eternal and unchanging.  Gold is the possession of kings, and yet we often speak of the common person as having a heart full of it.

“In the terrible fires of Hiroshima and 9/11, as well as in the daily ordeals we all face, the gold within the human heart may yet be glimpsed.  It is the special role of gifted artists like Makoto Fujimura to remind us of this paradoxical truth.”

(Gregory Wolfe, Beauty Will Save the World“)

You can see more of Fujimara’s work here.

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