Let us be filled with wonder

Some profound thoughts on true wonder:

“The human heart is always filled with some kind of wonder.  It is one of the first signs of the growing awareness of a small child.  Who has not smiled to see a little infant discovering that he has feet, he has hands!  He waves them about and looks at them.  He is full of wonder!  Then, as he grows he becomes more and more full of wonder at the things he can do.  He can move; he can walk.  Wonder is so radical to the human heart.  But it is we who decide what kind of wonder fills our hearts.  Sometimes there can be a depressive wonder: Why does God permit the things he does?  Or, we wonder about ourselves.  We wonder how, after all the graces of Advent, we can still be so faulty and faltering.  But all of these human wonderings, which, left to themselves, can become a dark wonder, must be changed into the wonder of light, that God does now exactly what he is about.

“There are so many things that we cannot understand in the world, that we cannot understand in one another, and, most deeply, that we cannot understand in ourselves.  But in all of these we are full of wonder that God is nevertheless working out his own divine plans.

“Let these precious hours of Advent be given to wonder.  When we feel depressed by our faults, let us wonder that God can forgive us so much; let us be filled with wonder and praise that God goes on believing in us, hoping in us, and trusting that we will somehow yet realize his dream of us.”

(Mother Mary Francis)

What do you think?

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