That’s all.

I just started a wonderful book, The Jesus Storybook Bible, written by Sally Lloyd-Jones & illustrated by Jago.  (Thanks for the tip, Sr. Kelly–O teacher of wonder, you.)  Here is an excerpt:

In the beginning, there was nothing.

Nothing to hear.  Nothing to feel.  Nothing to see.

Only emptiness.  And darkness.  And . . . nothing but nothing.

But God was there.  And God had a wonderful Plan.

“I’ll take this emptiness,” God said, “and I’ll fill it up!  Out the darkness, I’m going to make light!  And out of the nothing, I’m going to make . . . EVERYTHING!”

Like a mommy bird flutters her wings over her eggs to help her babies hatch, God hovered over the deep, silent darkness.  He was making life happen.

God spoke.  That’s all.  And whatever he said, it happened.

3 thoughts on “That’s all.

  1. Hi Dorcee!

    I’m SO glad you’re reading this! Isn’t it great!? 

    I’ll echo the same to you sister dear and O teacher of wonder, yourself! Thank you for sending us wonder every day.

    Have a good day.



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