It only takes a wee bit of land

Hear! Hear!

How Small Household Flower Gardens Have Helped Transform a Boston Community

by DAVID CLAYTON on JULY 13, 2012

Here is a great story of how beauty really can change the world. A low-income housing complex in Boston has been transformed, through the work of its residents, into a place of beauty and dignity. It started with one or two people deciding to plant the little plots of land in front of their houses, then others seeing what was going on and starting to do the same. And according to the delighted director of the complex, who has just been watching this happen over the last year or so, it has brought benefits to the community as a whole that one just wouldn’t have imagined. I have written before about the importance of the pleasure of gardening and as the garden  as a symbol of the culture of life in which man’s harmonious work with nature raises it up beyond its natural state. But here is a story of how there is an underlying truth to this that really does affect people’s lives for the good; we are talking here of people who, bar one, have never read my blog and are not likely to. There are no Chelsea Garden Show gold medal winners. This is just everyone mucking in and having a go.

You can read the rest here.

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