Shining spoons

I love Mary Anne Morgan’s photography,  and I would like to introduce you to it.  The piece below is entitled shining.  Her blog post follows.

all rights reserved Mary Anne Morgan
all rights reserved Mary Anne Morgan

Last summer he brought home a box of spoons left over from an event at church. I wondered what he was doing. They were just cheap spoons, nothing special. A few days later, I found him drilling holes into the tops of them in the front yard. He was drilling holes and tying them up with fishing line on hangers in the trees. I could hear them singing softly already. “They are for you”, he said gazing straight into my eyes. “I know how you like them.”

He knows me. But how could he have known that these cast off spoons would carry nourishment to so much of me? Their soft tink-tink-tinking in the breeze lets me know God is near. When I hear them I sense his presence. On dark nights when seasons change and I am clinging to all I am losing, they sing. On blustery days when the sky is gray and I don’t think I can do one more day, they sing. He is invisible like the wind but he uses ordinary vessels to be heard and yes, tangibly felt. I am walking through a lonely season but the chimes help me feel I am not alone.

You can read the rest here.  Follow her!

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