Art as conversation with God

“Prayer is an exchange, a conversation, with God, not always with just words.  I may start off with words but then I begin to journey beyond where words exist.  The visual releases me of words.  My art is a communication between me and God, it is a personal doxology.  If no one else ever saw the work, I believe it would not be wasted.  There are flowers in the forest and birds singing, that no human eye or ear ever perceives, nevertheless, they give praise to God.  As I think of all the time I have spent in the studio, hour after hour, that time is not lost because I think God was enjoying being part of the creative process.  I have grown the most spiritually in the process of making art.  If the artist sees the time spent in the studio as a conversation with God, then the few pieces that make it out into the world are a bonus.”  (Sandra Bowden)

To see her magnificent artwork, go here.

What do you think?

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