When I cannot pray

“There are many times when I cannot pray, when I am too tired to read the gospels, too restless to have spiritual thoughts, too depressed to find words for God, or too exhausted to do anything.  But I can still look at these images [icons] so intimately connected with the experience of love.”  (Henri Nouwen, Beholding the Beauty of  the Lord)66845410dadc4cf70d49ca24ec190044

One thought on “When I cannot pray

  1. Whenever I am reading a delicious bit of food, I try to think of whom is the quote’s author. I am often surprised when I get to the name, and once again, I am surprised that Fr. Nouwen said this — and I shouldn’t have been (that’s just how long it’s been since I read anything of his)! Thank you for such a great reminder.

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