The superabundance of God

“It has been estimated that there are up to 10 million different species of living plants and animals.  Because this figure is too large for us to appreciate fully, it may be helpful to offer a few concrete examples.  There are 59 species of eagles; more than 170 species of marsupials in addition to koalas and kangaroos (and about 50 kinds of kangaroos); more than 200 species of turtles, all the way from tiny ones of 6 or 7 ounces to a huge type weighing in at 1,500 pounds, and more than 500 types of eucalyptus trees in Australia.  The number of insect species yet to be described and names is estimated to be about 3 million.  Of these, there are 8,000 species of beetles.  One could go on and on.”  (Fr. Thomas Dubay, The Evidential Power of Beauty)

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