The beauty that is before you

Originally published on Linda Germain.

See the Beauty that is before you

One of the things, that I hope to do is inspire you to see the beauty that is before you.

Cast shadows inspire printmaking tools Linda Germain

I was looking out the window on the dirty parking lot below and at the abandoned building but that is not what I saw.

  1. I saw the shadow cast by the scrub tree that manages to grow in the inner city.
  2. The shadow is what feeds my art making.
  3. Now the shadow can become a photo, a sketch, a stencil, a tool to make a print.
  4. Then I wonder if everyone would see the shadow or would they just see the dirty parking lot

The other thing is that shadow is temporary. Tomorrow it will be different or not even there.

  • Awareness of what is before you
  • Willingness to SEE it
  • Ability to choose what to do with that new awareness

Sometimes, I do nothing more than SEE the thing of beauty. Seeing it builds my awareness for the next thing.

What do you think?

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