Make your life a haiku

“There are some people who write haiku poetry to make a living.  You know what I think?  We should make our living become haiku poetry.  You might toil in a clattering factory or on a tossing fishing boat or be battling to make a living in a dingy shop.  There are people who have written inspiring haiku poems in such unpoetic situations.  And we, if we really want to, can make any occupation, and twenty-four hours of each day, into a poem.  Of course, first we have to create a heart that is both serious and light!  We have to gaze below the surface of things, search out the hidden beauty that is everywhere and discover the glorious things all around us.  Then each day becomes a haiku poem.”

~Written by Takashi Nagai, survivor of the Nagasaki atomic bomb.  His wife died in the bombing.  Find out more about him here.


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