Wax and Wane




Out in the rain a world is growing green,
   On half the trees quick buds are seen
       Where glued-up buds have been.
Out in the rain God’s Acre stretches green,
   Its harvest quick tho’ still unseen:
       For there the Life hath been.

If Christ hath died His brethren well may die,
   Sing in the gate of death, lay by
       This life without a sigh:
For Christ hath died and good it is to die;
   To sleep when so He lays us by,
       Then wake without a sigh.

Yea, Christ hath died, yea, Christ is risen again:
   Wherefore both life and death grow plain
       To us who wax and wane;
For Christ Who rose shall die no more again:
   Amen: till He makes all things plain

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No Words

I just discovered this over at Aleteia.org  Absolutely beautiful.  Written for today.

“There truly are no words to describe what the followers of Jesus felt on Good Friday. Even several of those who crucified him realized their actions and felt this indescribable sense of remorse.”

This was the idea behind the Vigil Project’s instrumental piece for Good Friday. “I wanted to write a melody that kept falling,” says composer Shawn Williams. “The melody and chord progression obviously is overwhelmingly dark throughout the entire piece until the very end. We finally land on the suspended 5 chord, which signifies that we have a possibility for true resolution. Here we encounter the hope that is promised in the resurrection.

“In regard to the instrumentation, I wanted something extremely raw and emotional.  Strings and piano are about as organic and emotional as they come.  I pray those who encounter this piece will ache … that we will have a glimpse into the reality that we are the ones who have crucified our Lord.  Every time we sin. Every time we turn from him. However, even among all the pain and sorrow, Jesus still provides us his boundless mercy and forgiveness. He wants to encounter each of us personally this Good Friday.”

– See more at: http://aleteia.org/2016/03/25/songs-for-holy-week-no-words/?

“The nail scars of the One shine like stars”

Reblogging this. Blessed Holy Week.

Wonder and Beauty

Prominent contemporary Christian artist, Makoto Fujimura, just returned from the UK where his works, the Four Quartets, were featured in the historic King’s Chapel, Cambridge, to open their Holy Week celebrations.  It was the first time in their history that modern paintings were installed in the chapel.  Here’s an excerpt from the talk he gave as the exhibit opened.   (You can see the paintings here.)

Between Two Waves of the Sea - Makoto Fujimura all rights reserved Between Two Waves of the Sea – Makoto Fujimura all rights reserved

What Art, or Poetry, can address the deepest wounds and traumas of our time?  Can art and poetry speak into the darkest of the dark, as a faithful witness to our expanding Ground Zeros; Can art and poetry resonate in the haunts of a post-war fog; Can art and poetry survive the ravages of a tsunami that wipes away a whole fishing village?

Hunt the heavens and the plains
Whirled in a vortex that shall bring

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