Art as prophetic

Some thoughts by Audrey Assad . . .

The Role Of The Prophetic In Art

You are so very beautiful!

Friday from the archives

Wonder and Beauty

Found on Instagram this morning:

Today I was overjoyed to hold a deformed little toddler at the Mother Teresa shelter. I kept shouting in her language, “Magayon ka talaga!” (You are so very beautiful!) She grabbed my hand so hard I thought she was going to squeeze it off and started laughing and screaming with glee. I turned around and the women who watch over them were weeping in a moment of beauty and grace. God makes us beautiful by the way he loves us. He does not love us because we are beautiful.

Thanking God for priests like Fr. Samuel Medley.

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End of September


10624782_10152714718926119_2066228923689523676_nit rained in my sleep
and in the morning the fields were wet

I dreamed of artillery
of the thunder of horses

in the morning the fields were strewn
with twigs and leaves

as if after a battle
or a sudden journey

I went to sleep in the summer
I dreamed of rain

in the morning the fields were wet
and it was autumn
~Linda Pastan “September”


I can choose to fight the inevitable march of time with sighs and sorrows,
thus arm myself with sour bitterness for what is no more,

or I can flow unmoved for as long as I can stay afloat,
only passively aware of the passage of all around me,

or I can smile with awaking each morning, whether to sun or wind or rain,
grateful I’ve been given one more day to get it right,

or at least to care enough to try.


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Apocalyptic storms

Ominous Storms Photographed in Black and White by Mitch Dobrowner


Photographer Mitch Dobrowner travels the U.S. and sets up his camera in front of apocalyptic storms that rise above rural fields in Oklahoma, Kansas, and North Dakota. Inspired by photographers like Minor White andAnsel Adams, he captures breathtaking landscapes that remind us of nature’s raw power by juxtaposing the endless flat plains of the southern and midwest states with dramatic weather formations. Lightning strikes and tornadoes feature heavily in Dobrowner’s black and white images that at times look like moments right out of the first few minutes of the Wizard of Oz.

Dobrowner has exhibited in galleries across the U.S. and internationally since 2005 and is represented by Photo-Eye Gallery in Santa Fe and Kopeikin Gallery in LA. You can see much more of his work on Facebook. (thnx, Laura!)

Peckham, Oklahoma

Peckham, Oklahoma

Bolton, Kansas

Syracuse, Kansas

Newkirk, Oklahoma

Syracuse, Kansas