The saddest people

“And then sometimes I think the people to feel saddest for are people who once knew what profoundness was, but who lost or became numb to the sensation of wonder–people who closed the doors that leads us into the secret world–or who had the doors closed for them by time and neglect and decisions made in times of weakness.”

— Douglas Coupland, from Life After God (Simon & Schuster, 2002)

Memorize poetry

“Memorize poetry, treasure beautiful words, write them on the walls of your heart. Then, when deep, unspeakable things happen— a glorious sunset, a broken heart, great love and great grief— you will have words to honour the abundant mystery and beauty of life.” (Joy Clarkson)

You’ll never look at water the same again


“When he’s not watching the kids or tripping over his cat, stay-at-home dad and photographer Shawn Knol (Photoelasticity on Reddit) takes absolutely stunning, close-up photos of water drops. His macro images are vibrant, sharp, and striking, showing every last detail of the water’s luminous surface and reflections.

Knol enjoys playing with color and texture in his beautiful photos. Whether he’s shooting countless droplets suspended on a spider web, zooming in to capture the bold texture of a feather beneath a drop of water, or photographing iridescent rainbow colors dancing on the surface of the water, the results are always exquisite.

The photographer captures his images using an entry-level DSLR, his two lenses, extension tubes, a flash unit, and a homemade diffuser, proving that the most expensive gear and studio equipment isn’t necessary as long as you have creativity and vision. Knol also shows his resourcefulness in using common household items for his photos, such as glitter, tulle, or even different T-shirts for brightly colored backgrounds.”

Check out the rest of his photos here.