True Christian Love (3)

More from Richard Wurmbrand:

In Florence, Italy, the Red Brigade leader Furbelone planned a bank robbery–what the Brigade (a Marxist-Leninist group) terms an “expropriation.”  Two revolutionaries disguised as policemen stood at the entrance to the building, while two others entered to force the teller to give up the money.  A car with a false license number waited in front of the bank to ensure the escape.  Disguised as a beggar, Furbelone sat on the steps of the Santa Maria Church opposite the bank where he was to give the signals controlling the operation.

Just as he was about to signal the start of the robbery, a little girl who was on her way to school with her mother ascended the steps for a short prayer.  Seeing the beggar, she took her lunch out of her bag, broke off a part for herself, and gave him the remainder.

Irritated by this interruption in his plans, Furbelone intended to push the girl aside.  But all at once he was struck by the thought: This is a human being who looks upon me with love, who considers me honest and worthy of esteem.  Instead of giving the signal to start the robbery, the notorious terrorist took the sandwich from the smiling girl and entered the church with her.  His criminal life was over.

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